5 Skin Tips

5 Skin Care Tips For Women Over 40 (All Ages)

Vibriance Skin Care Five Skin Tips

1. Avoid skin care products lumped together by age range. Age is not a skin type. When you turn 51 your basic skin needs don't all of a sudden change from when you were 48. Your skin needs to be protected and nourished in the same way.

2. Avoid multi-step skin care systems consisting of different creams, gels, and serums. Your skin doesn’t wear a watch or know what time it is. There is no need for a separate cream for day and one for night.

3. Don’t neglect your neck. You can use your favorite moisturizing serum, gel, or balm on your face, neck, and chest area. You don’t have to use a separate “neck cream.” The same products that are good for your face are good for your neck… Skin is skin!

4. You don’t need an eye cream. The moisturizer or serum you use on your face works just as well around your eyes….skin care companies make it seem like you’re missing out on major benefits if you don’t buy their special eye cream.

5. Pay attention to the active ingredient functions, not the hype. Look elsewhere if a company doesn’t let you know what’s in the product. Watch out for companies that just stamp some vague terminology like ‘anti-aging cream’ on their product.


We believe that skin care is far more than “just beauty”. A good skin care routine can instill confidence by helping you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Although there are thousands of companies selling skin care products. It seems like companies are intentionally making skin care routines complicated and expensive.

You can go to any mall and see big displays or kiosks from companies selling skin care systems containing 4 to 8 or more products that need to be used every day. It’s complicated and expensive!

To make matters worse they’ll have different skin care lines for every age group. You may be in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s or older. As you hit each decade you’ll find increasingly expensive and elaborate skin care routines by these very same companies.

We created Vibriance Super C as an answer to this problem. You can use this serum to maintain a youthful complexion regardless of your age or skin type.